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A Primary Care Network starts with the Purpose

Is your practice thinking about joining a network? If so, it should first focus on the most important thing; the purpose of the network.

Put simply this is the reason for doing it, the why it exists. It is not ‘what it will do’ but ‘why it will do it’.

Purpose, and the need for it, is not always understood. In the context of a Primary Care Network, it’s not about caring for up to 50,000 patients, or recruiting paramedics and pharmacists. It is reasons such as improving health for vulnerable groups, care for children and young adults, or to ensure practice sustainability.

The same purpose must be agreed and shared by each member of your network. It will not work for each to have a different purpose.

With a purpose clearly understood you can make sure everything you do is focused on it. Be consistent in this and you’ll always know you’re doing what you’re meant to. A purpose will keep everyone motivated and working together effectively. It helps you break down traditional boundaries and overcome challenges that come through working together.

Start your Primary Care Network with the purpose. It’s essential for success and will ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.


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