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A Primary Care Network, what’s in it for me?

Many PCN’s are moving slowly, not helped by an unattractive contract. If your practice is struggling to get engaged, look at the PCN from another angle and ask, ‘what’s in it for me’?

Doctors hands consoling patient

A PCN is essentially a strategic partnership(s) which need a reason to happen, usually;

A significant issue - like premises or recruitment issues.


A significant opportunity - of greater success through working together.

Crucially, there’s is also something in it for those involved.

Businesses partner, collaborate or merge with other companies for a host of reasons, the common ones being:

Synergies: such as sharing the benefit of key individuals, networks and resources.Growth: serving larger patient numbers, or different patient needs, without investing in additional infrastructures or resources.

Economies of scale: reducing the delivery cost through greater numbers.

Access to new ideas and knowledge: and the opportunity to improve current services and ways of working, and create new ones.

With a PCN, it’s not enough that there’s something in it for others, there has to be a win for everyone. Look beyond the financial possibilities and look at options like resources, knowledge and economies of scale.

Look for the ‘what’s in it for me’.


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