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Are you Delegating Effectively?

Updated: Mar 29

Practice Managers have a huge workload, arguably unmanageable. That's certainly the case if you’re not delegating tasks that can and should be done by others. When delegation doesn't happen, it's often because of not knowing how to or because previous attempts haven’t gone well.

So how do you delegate?

First select who to delegate to, ideally someone close to the task required. Make sure they have the capability, resources and time needed to be successful.

Clearly explain why the task is important and the desired outcome and what boundaries exist. Let them know how you’ll measure success.

Empower them to make decisions and take responsibility, making it clear that the outcome is most important. Allow them to have some control over 'how' it's achieved.

Check they have understood everything about the task you’re delegating. This confirmation helps clarify their acceptance and commitment to the role.

As the manager you need to ensure support is available when required, whether that’s your time, input from others or resources.

Remember to stay in touch, offering encouragement along the way but not taking over the task. Make it clear how and when you expect progress to be reported.

Delegation successfully done is a great thing, how does it work for you?


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