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Are you in a dangerous place

If you feel safe, and away from the spotlight? If you’re not challenging and taking risks? Then you’re probably in a comfort zone.

The cosy protective bubble that too many are stuck in is a dangerous place for Practices and Practice Managers. It will hold you back.

Stand still while those around you move forward and you’re left behind, at risk of being outdated. Stay in the same place too long and you lose sight of how to innovate and progress. You can’t grow if you’re not pushing your boundaries.

It might feel scary but you’ll be ok, trust me, I know. Break out, it will feel good. It will open your eyes and may open doors.

Look outside.To start, look at the other side of your comfort zone. How will stepping out benefit you? Focus on the positive aspects not the negatives.

Be ok with uncomfortable.Be willing for some discomfort, it won’t be as bad as you think. If you make excuses for not pushing out be honest about it.

Do it.If you feel able jump and go for it, but if you need a gentler approach take small steps.

You, and your practice, need to be willing to step outside your comfort zone. Try it, you'll soon lose your fears and you’ll find an exciting place on the other side.


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