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Be a Self Care Practice

It’s probably not even a thing but it should be. General Practice won’t manage the increasing patient demand unless it does something to reduce it. Self Care can do this where remodelled workforce and PCNs can’t.

We must reverse the public need to go to a GP for anything and everything by educating and promoting the benefits of Self Care.

A Self Care Practice can reduce demand, improve access and reduce workload. It empowers patients, increasing their knowledge and independence.

A Self Care Practice will develop its own powerful program of Self Care advice for minor illnesses and long term conditions.

It will agree the Self Care advice all clinicians and the practice team will give.

A Self Care Practice uses self-management courses like Healthmakers and Expert Patient to support patients with long-term conditions.

It uses its website, communications and waiting room displays to offer Self Care information.

A Self Care Practice weaves Self Care into all consultations and services, praising and supporting its use.

It works with pharmacies and primary care partners to promote Self Care, so all give the same advice and support.

A Self Care Practice, brings practice and patients together.

Make it a long term goal to become a Self Care Practice.


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