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Celebrate Every Success to Win

Updated: Mar 29

I was fortunate to be at the general practice awards last week, an event all about celebrating success. I am sure every award winner was hugely motivated and for those sharing the evening it was hugely inspiring. Yet organisations often don't get all the benefits from their successes. 

Celebrating success is so important for building a positive culture and for a manager and leader it's a time for you to show you care, and that you value your team, creating loyalty and trust. 

With this leadership they will begin to learn for themselves what it is they're doing that is having a positive impact and over time their mindset will be focused on success.

Think of the celebration in a broad sense. It doesn’t have to be done with an award or a party, it can be smaller rewards, or a personal thank you, but to have a lasting, positive impact, it’s important to do it right.

  • Make it public and ensure everyone shares in the celebration.

  • Make it personal by recognising and rewarding the key players.

  • Do it straight away, while the achievement is fresh.

  • Do it every time, so it becomes part of the culture.

  • Link success to the organisation’s goals.

Give it a try. Celebrate the next big achievement, or even a small win, and you’ll have a happier team.


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