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Does your Practice have a Growth Mindset?

Is your practice committed to learning and development for the whole team?

Then it’s probably benefiting from a growth mindset.

Doctors hands consoling patient

Or is there a fear of risks and failure, and an absence of sharing and collaboration? Then a fixed mindset could be the issue.

Now more than ever, as we transform and work together in networks, we need a growth mindset.

It means seeing the potential in everything and everyone, learning at every point and allowing leaders to grow. It’s essential if you want to move your practice and network forward.

To get a growth mindset here’s 3 things you should be doing:

Focus on learning

Reward learning and progress and people’s capacity to develop and adapt to challenges. Get the team to learn other roles to build empathy, collaboration and improve performance.

Take risks and accept failure

Accept failure and allow people the freedom to try things and learn from mistakes. Moving forward isn’t possible if you’re not willing to take risks.

Create an open, sharing culture

Have open lines of communication and a supportive culture, so employees are empowered and engaged. The more knowledge the team have the better their decision making and ability to learn will be.

A growth mindset moves you forward.


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