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Drowning in Bureaucracy

It’s a fact that many Practice Managers are stressed and ready to quit. Fear of a costly mistake is real and the likelihood of it happening high.

At the heart is a workload that has increased massively in the last 5 years and is riddled with bureaucracy that the Oxford dictionary define as; ‘excessively complicated administrative procedure’. 

Relentless, it weighs you down, hinders progress, and sucking away any breath of enthusiasm, it drowns you. It absorbs time that should be for improving practices and services.

It’s at the end of year in returns and audits and it’s throughout the year from all points.

Returns are often submitted in a format that can’t possibly make data useful or analysis viable. Rarely are any findings or conclusions shared back and, with seemingly no end result or value produced, its demoralising.

In 2016 NHS England, CQC and GMC committed to “reduce unnecessary workload” to “support general practice”; as yet there’s been no tangible impact.

There may be little PM’s can do about this but just because you’re asked for something doesn’t mean you have to do it, ask:

  • Is it a requirement?

  • Is there payment for doing it?

  • Is there a value to me or the practice?

If the answers are no then maybe don’t do it.


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