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Everyone has a Role at the Meeting

Updated: Mar 29

Lots of meetings this week and I'm often surprised what little contribution many attending make. I wonder why some people sit quietly throughout. Is it lack of confidence or uncertainty of their role?

If you have been invited to a meeting it will be to add some value and there are three easy ways you can do this:

Contribute - the minimum you should do is make a contribution to the discussion. That might be offering an opinion or maybe sharing a relevant previous experience.

Clarify - if you don't understand something ask for clarification. You will not be the only person who is confused so if there is something that isn't clear ask for it to be clarified. You will be pleased you did, and others will be grateful to you.

Challenge - this is the role that some find the most difficult to do. You may not agree with everything being discussed, some points may be incorrect, ill-advised or inappropriate. If you feel this is the case challenge it. Done respectfully and professionally it should be welcomed, giving you confidence, and may result in a decision to make a positive change.

If you tend to sit quietly at meetings try doing these or if you are chairing a meeting why not begin by asking those attending to help you.


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