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Get Over Your Bumps!

Work doesn’t always go smoothly and to think the road will be easy is unrealistic. It’s better to expect bumps along the way and be ready and prepared to overcome them. 

Resilience is an important skill to have so when setbacks happen, you’re able to maintain perspective, focus and motivation. 

It’s something you can learn, and a simple way is to keep moving forward, Fast.

Feelings - accept your emotions, it’s ok to be upset or angry. Understand how you feel and reflect why. It will help you be able to deal with them and move on. 

Assess – what caused the negative feelings and what action you can take to overcome them. Identify the positive aspects and consider if your solution is to concentrate on these. Always make sure you focus on how to move forward, not the problems. 

Select – which is the best option to get you moving again. Plan your first step and how to regain momentum. You should now be able to see how your goal can be achieved and start to rebuild positivity.

Take Action – once you’ve decided on the right way forward get started. Acting quickly is as important as being positive, it prevents demotivation setting in and helps you get away from the initial setback. 

Build your resilience and get over your bumps, Fast.


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