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Give your Recruitment a Boost!

Recruiting in general practice is tough. You need to do more than an ad, job description and interview and use every possible advantage. There is a simple, unique to you, way to do this.

You want applicants to believe you offer all they want. You have to sell the role and practice.

You need to reach out to them at a personal level and you must stand out.

Use the phone not email and encourage informal visits, this makes it easier to sell the role and practice which is crucial. But one easy way, amongst many, to set you apart, is to create a prospectus.

Use it to persuade readers into applicants, making it easily available for those looking at your ad. It has to be informative and positive; you want those reading it to feel they want to be a part of your practice. Contents can vary to fit a particular role, but you should illustrate the practice through the history, facilities, stakeholders and patients, and give a sense of direction through a vision, values and goals.

Cover performance with financial information and KPI’s but be sure to describe the practice team and culture, they are key areas, as is personal development. 

You can also bring it to life with testimonials and ‘what to expect’ from members of the team.


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