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How to Beat the New Year Blues

At the start of a year I feel a bit down, I know I’m not the only one feeling like this. Returning to reality after a festive break can leave you lacking energy, focus and motivation. I’m fortunate it’s never too bad and I know how to get out of it. 

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Recognise Past Achievements

Recalling previous successes helps me be positive for the future and understand how I can be successful.

Have Something to Look Forward To

It builds enthusiasm and energy which has a positive impact on my attitude, performance and morale. 

Set Personal Targets

It creates a purpose and gives something to focus on and a goal to achieve. With something positive to aim for negativity is less likely to have any effect.

Don’t Be Alone

I make sure I’m talking and mixing with others, both the team I work with and my wider network.

Take Breaks

Even if it’s only getting a coffee it gets me moving, talking to others and building energy and relationships.

Look After My Own Heath

I’ll take time to exercise, even if it’s only a walk at lunchtime, and I’ll drink less and eat better.

These are simple things but I know if I take these positive steps it will work for me. If I help myself it will also help others in the practice. So if you’ve got the New Year Blues give it a try.


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