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How to Keep Moving Forward

I believe it’s important I keep the practice moving forward. However hard, it’s a practice manager’s job, and doing it motivates you, the team and delivers success.

If you’re not moving your practice forward, it’s going backwards. It will stagnate, the team will be demotivated, and a fear of change will take hold. Be positive, determined to succeed and it will inspire others, making forward progress easier.

It doesn’t have to be big, small positive steps and maintaining momentum is what’s needed. Make constant progression not change, it’s more positive and less likely to be resisted, and aim to make it a part of the culture.

It might be tough but tackled this way you can keep moving forward:

What can you do now.

Find your immediate wins, that take you forward. You want to gain momentum so find the things you can achieve each day but they must be a step forward.

Go for small wins.

Break up big goals into small wins you can achieve quickly and easily. You want continuous action that builds one win after another.

Get going.

Building momentum requires a sense of urgency, Don’t strive for perfection, less than that is often enough to get the result you need.

Keep moving forward, it’s the most important thing you can do.


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