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How to Manage More than One Boss

Managing more than one boss is difficult but if approached in the right way you can enjoy the benefits of having many bosses.

It’s a problem most practice managers have but the solution is in their own hands. What you do and how you act can make all the difference so don’t think of it as one problem, think of it as three separate parts to manage.

Manage the individuals.

  • Understand each one, learn what they like and dislike, and find what gets you a positive response.

  • Build a relationship. It doesn't have to be close but make it positive.

  • Remove barriers so they are able to do their job.

  • Point out and facilitate when you need them to do something else.

Manage the group.

  • Be their advisor whenever needed.

  • Filter information to what’s relevant and necessary.

  • Bring solutions for them to agree, not problems.

  • If a decision is needed, tell them and ensure they make it.

  • Communicate, you want to keep them informed.

Manage yourself.

  • If you say you’ll do something, do it.

  • Deliver bad news so they don’t get surprises.

  • Always be well prepared.

  • Provide leadership, use initiative and make decisions.

  • Take responsibility, don’t blame others.

Follow this and you may find you have a group of good bosses not a jumble of bad ones!


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