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In Awe of Practice Managers

I’ll often meet a Practice Manager for the first time and be left feeling inferior and inadequate. They do things that are so impressive and far from what I know I could ever achieve.

Doctors hands consoling patient

I’m impressed by those who are all about the PATIENTS and SERVICES, creating practices in tune with the needs of their community.

I’m amazed at others that build a model of efficiency with faultless SYSTEMS designed to deliver everything to the highest QUAILITY.

I have huge respect for those who maintain an outstanding focus on safety, governance and COMPLIANCE.

I’m inspired by those managing a resilient, successful BUSINESS

I’m in awe of those at the forefront of COLLABORATION, reaching beyond their practice to lead our Primary Care Networks of the future.

Practice Managers all do a similar job but to me this is how they differ.

The truly exceptional have strengths in all these areas, adjusting their own focus as needed. 

They understand the importance of each, managing and leading all of them, and inspiring and empowering others to join in. They set the goals and ensure they align together for the overall strategic direction for the practice. 

As much as anyone these are the leaders that carry the hopes and are building the future of primary care.


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