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Is your practice moving forward

Making sure it is can be the most important thing a Practice Manager does. To focus on continual improvement, ensuring the practice doesn’t stand still when all around is changing.

As a PM, this should always be a priority.

In Practice it’s easy to be overwhelmed by problems, never finding time to improve and go forward. Now, at the start of a NHS year, is a good time to focus on what has a positive impact. Adopting these can help you move forward.

The PM is the lead role

Your impact keeps everything moving forward and it is your responsibility to make sure the practice never gets comfortable.

Say no to distractions

Don’t give time to things that add no value. Say yes to things that move you forward. 

Challenge the status quo

Improvement is impossible if you stick to the way its always been done. Make sure ‘how could we do this better’ is a part of everything you do.

Give it a try

It doesn’t have to be perfect, sometimes doing it now is far more important. It is better to get moving and work out problems as you go along than never starting

Don’t worry about setbacks

There are always failures. If something doesn’t work out, it shouldn’t be feared but captured as something to learn from.

Start now, best foot forwards.


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