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It’s Your Time!

I recently posted ideas on what to do if you’re swamped but I also needed something immediate to give me back control of my time so I can keep moving forward and be on top of my workload.

I’ve tried all sorts of ideas over the years, most are overly complicated, and all rely on personal discipline above anything.

It really boils down to 2 things:

  1. What I choose to do with my time.

  2. What I allow others to do with my time.

It’s about how disciplined I am in controlling both and not allowing others influence. It’s about making sure there is value from all of my time.

I’ve chosen.

To have a protected day each week for strategising, planning and doing the big things to progress. I’ll focus on my choices only, in a quieter, undisturbed space. 

The time I spend on meetings is what and when I decide, it has to fit in with my diary not theirs. It’s one morning and one afternoon each week so too much can’t be consumed by the timetables of others. 

I’m turning off email except for short periods when I want to receive or send messages.

This isn’t complicated. This isn’t restrictive. 

This is simple and proving effective, along as personal discipline prevails.

It’s your time. If you don’t set the rules no one else will.


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