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Lonely at the Top

Updated: Mar 29

Being a lone manager can be a lonely role. Everything rests with you and while there’s a freedom there’s also a pressure.

You have no one to talk to and if you do, there is little gratitude or reassurance. This, and being responsible for everything, can make you unsure of ideas and decisions, feeding inertia and stifling creativity.

Being a lone manager is tough so it’s wise not to be alone.

Most of us need someone to talk to for advice, reassurance and to stimulate ideas. Conversations with others are invaluable so it’s important to find a trusted person you can regularly share and think with.

Other managers in similar roles will relate to your experiences. They may be in the same organisation or outside; with an external manager often providing a more independent perspective. 

Alternatively consider a colleague who reports to you. This can be a way of combining valuable mentoring, which they should find motivating and rewarding, and allowing you to stimulate and clarify your thoughts.

If you report to someone they may also fill the gap. In any conversations you want to come across as confident, but it also allows the chance for you to shine and gain the thoughts of who you are talking to. 

It’s tough at the top but it doesn’t have to be lonely.


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