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Making the Tough Decisions Less Painful

Being a Manager means you have to make tough decisions. The worst are the ones you just can’t win. You may not be able to make these easier, but you can feel better knowing you did the right thing.

Sometimes it feels like there’s no right answer. You can spend ages agonising, trying to work out what’s best, getting no further forward and even fail to make a decision. It’s better to accept there isn’t a perfect solution.

You’ve gathered all the information you can and considered as many solutions as possible. You’ve had input from all who’ll be impacted or opposed to your decision, and you’re thinking long term. After doing all this there’s still no perfect solution but you can still do the right thing. 

This means focusing on the bigger picture and not what appears to be immediately in front of you. Depending on the nature of the problem my rule is to always make the decision for one of these two reasons. 

  • It’s in the best interests of the business e.g. financially, legally, strategically or reputationally?

  • It’s the best thing for the team, patients and the wider community?

By doing this, however tough and even if it’s not perfect and possibly unpopular, you can be positive that you’ve made the right decision


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