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Not Everyone has a Place at the Meeting

Updated: Mar 29

We all endure too many pointless meetings, ones we’re expected to attend with no benefit in doing so. Too many are ineffective, and time wasted but easy to avoid if you’re the one calling the meeting.

Decide the purpose of the meeting – is it for a decision, to share information or another reason.

If the meeting has a purpose only invite those needed to meet that purpose. If there isn’t a purpose you don’t need a meeting.

List all those required to attend in order to meet the purpose, if people have nothing to contribute or can't add value then they don't need to attend.

For most meetings the required attendees will be:

  • Chairperson

  • Presenters – of only information that is needed

  • Decision makers - with the authority needed to make decisions

  • Knowledge holders – able to debate and challenge

  • Implementers – of any actions decided

  • Stakeholders – if needed to ensure transparency and governance adherence

  • Minute taker

Let them know the purpose of the meeting, and what is required of them and if needed explain the reasons why others aren’t invited.

After, be sure to communicate to those affected by the outcomes, stakeholders and those needed to implement and report on the actions.

You can apply the same rules for invitations you receive.


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