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Real leaders see the big picture do you

A skill I value possibly more than any other is seeing the big picture, it’s essential for leaders. It’s a skill that separates those who think they can lead from those who actually do. 

Often poorly understood by people who can’t do it, if you can you’re more likely to influence and affect change. It can also bring many benefits to your practice and network:

It helps in building a vision that others will share, and seeing what’s needed to bring success.


It allows you to understand the wider impact of your actions and of external factors. 

Credibility increases with trust in your knowledge, decision making and leadership. 

As with other skills, it’s one you can learn, to be practised over time and honed with experience:


  • Focus on strategy and goals, not the here and now.

  • Be open to a range of ideas, it’s about broad options not details and perfection.

  • Take in as many experiences as you can and use each to learn and improve from.

  • Whenever possible look from the perspective of others, and get input from different sources.

  • Increase your own knowledge and develop an expanded view by accessing as much information as you can. 


You’ll be a better, more confident leader with the big picture in sight. 


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