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Relax! Take the Work Out of Networking

Updated: Mar 29

Some people just aren't comfortable networking, despite how sociable and engaging they might be. Maybe because it's often thought as being about using self-promotion to gain benefit; something that many don't find natural. Without doubt it can be hugely beneficial and if you think of it as more about building relationships it can also be enjoyable.

If you’re in the ‘don’t like networking camp’ it can be made easier.

Build relationships not contacts. Approach any networking activity exactly as you would engaging with friends and colleagues. You probably want these to be strong rewarding relationships built on trust and openness so behave exactly the same when networking.

First impressions are always important. Be professional, polite and courteous, as an example follow up meetings with some thanks and be genuine in what you say, 'it was great to meet you’, 'what you said was really helpful’; comments like these are ideal.

Ask for help and do what you can to help others. People love to help each other and will generally respond positively when asked directly for help. Every small help given, or received, will make your network relationships stronger.

So, if you're reading this, and it's in anyway helpful, thank you and you're welcome.


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