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Remodel your Workforce in a Day

Workload is increasing. You might also be short of GP’s. The problem feels massive and tackling it huge. How do you begin such a task?

A solution is to remap the workload across a remodelled workforce but without that team already in place it can seem impossible. So, where do you start?

I recently facilitated an away day that tackled this issue simply and successfully. 

With a goal to move 30% of the GP work we began by listing all the tasks GP’s do which were then mapped into 3 groups:

  1. What has to be done by a GP?

  2. What can be done by another clinician?

  3. What can be done by a non-clinician?

For group 2 we then identified the other clinicians, regardless of whether they were in place or not. The tasks were then remapped to a nurse, pharmacist, paramedic, physio etc. Group 3 was simpler with the main question; did we have the required skills and capacity in the non-clinical team?

We now had a picture of where work could be remapped to and what a new workforce would look like. Next, action plans were created to make these changes.

This was an easy effective process that produced consensus, and a clear goal everyone was motivated to achieve.

If you have a problem and need help remodelling your team, get in touch, we can help.


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