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Start your Collaboration the Right Way

Updated: Mar 29

Our local practices have started to talk seriously about working together. No real collaboration as yet but it looks like it may actually happen.

I looked to see when the first attempt was and I think it was in 2009. It was a simple, sound proposal to centralise purchasing. But nothing happened.

So why didn’t it work?

There was no vision.

An idea of what we could do collectively was suggested, but not why we should do it. There was no clear, shared vision of what could be achieved.

There was no leadership. 

Someone suggested we should work together and came up with an idea of what we should do. But there was no one willing to drive it forward. No one at the fore communicating, generating enthusiasm and making it clear how everyone would benefit.

There may have been other factors, but these were decisive.

So, if your organisation is looking at working with others, as many in primary care are, then get these two aspects right at the outset. 

Agree the vision. 

Decide the shared purpose to clarify what you will achieve. It will help parties to come on board and engage and will keep you on track.

Find your leaders.

They are needed to build teams, add inspiration and motivation to create the engagement, and delivery of your vision.


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