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Stop a bad decision

Practice Managers often have to step in to persuade GP Partners or CCG’s not to go with a bad decision. It’s because the PM will often see the big picture where others seemingly can’t.

It’s not an easy thing to do, as you may be squashing someone’s idea and hard work. Done correctly it is better to pause or abort, than implement a damaging decision.

Decisions may be made for the right reasons but with a flawed decision-making process, if allowed to take effect, they can often be damaging in a variety of ways.

  • They produce an unintended negative side effect.

  • They don’t achieve the intended goals.

  • Success is unlikely because not everyone is on board.

Even if issues are discovered late it is better to call a halt rather than continue. Done carefully you can still move forward positively.

  • Explain why the intended plan will not succeed.

  • Remind everyone of the intended goals and why achieving them is important.

  • Keep goals alive and everyone motivated by setting a new go live date, allowing enough time to fix the problems.

  • Continue to keep everyone involved, informed and focused on the goals and the intention to achieve them.

If you know a decision will be damaging it’s best to be brave and speak up to stop it being implemented.


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