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Succession Planning; a practice essential

If you lose a key team member, would it be a crisis or do you have plans that will allow you to continue smoothly? If not finding a replacement can cause disruption and problems.

Succession plans help a practice manage changes that occur when you lose a key team member. Preparing someone to step up is wise even if you don’t see it being necessary in the near future.

Assess what you’ve got. It’s vital to apply succession planning to the whole team. Get to know them, what they do and the skills and roles that are most relied on. It is not just the clinicians that are vital. Keep an open mind to where a successor may come from, it is not always the obvious.

Get successors ready. As you identify those who can step up get them to the level needed with training and mentoring. Skills can be developed with job shadowing and projects. Test progress and give valuable experience with ‘stand ins’ during leave.

Recruit to fill gaps. You may be left with gaps that you can’t fill, this is where you need to recruit. If you can’t do this immediately stay close to the crucial people. You want early warnings of any departures, so you can act quickly when needed.

With good succession plans you can survive losing a key team member.


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