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The Benefit of a Portfolio

Portfolio careers have become popular in general practice. It’s not just GP’s, Practice Managers are often taking extra roles, and responsibilities alongside their main job.

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I could argue against this, focus on the main role, and avoid additional stresses, but as a multipotentialite I’ve always believed in the benefit of having many roles.

  • It keeps you challenged 

  • It keeps you motivated

  • It helps you think strategically 

  • You see opportunities early

  • It helps you learn and innovate

  • You build stronger networks

As general practice is asked to take on more, reach further and collaborate, the PM, and their skills are needed more and more, creating opportunities to portfolio. 

It might be a PCN lead, CCG lead, trainer, consultant, CQC assessor or some other role. The important thing is making sure you successfully manage all the demands in order to gather all the benefits. 

Set priorities

Which are your most important roles and what do you want to achieve in each?

Integrate or separate 

Can you combine roles for added efficiency and to maximise benefits or is it better to keep them separate. 

Set boundaries 

What time can you commit, and stick to it. 

Multiple roles can be a good thing and don’t need to be avoided providing you proactively manage them.


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