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What’s the point of a Practice Managers Group.

Hopefully, the reason why is clear. You might be part of an influential, supportive group or is it one that is not achieving all it could?

Although CCG’s don’t fully understand how a practice works, and Partners often don’t fully appreciate the PM role, PM’s are crucial to the success of practices and CCG’s. They can advise and steer GP Partners and are a vital link between CCG and GP’s and practices.


A focused, engaged PM group has great strength but key is the group understanding this and having a clear purpose. So if your PM Group is ineffective it might be time to redefine it.


Begin by agreeing the group’s purpose and what is it for. It might be driving PM education or, like one I recently helped, having greater influence.


Next decide how this is achieved. New ways of working may be needed, such as proactive campaigning to effect change, or planning priorities.


Responsibilities need to be shared. It’s common to have a minority doing most of the work but it’s better to engage everyone. Working groups are a good option for this.


Then consider who to engage with. Having redefined the group you need to share this, particularly for greater influence or to access resources outside the group. 


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