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What would you like to Shake Up in the Coming Year?

Updated: Mar 29

As another year is knocking on the door, we can look back and see some things in general practice that don’t work and others that quite simply drive you mad. Maybe you work in a different area but still feel the same.

So, for some wishful thinking, for this coming year, and if only for just one week, how about shaking things up a bit.

  • You can only book appointments online.

  • Everyone who wants to be seen has to be seen.

  • Everyone has to go the pharmacy instead of the doctor.

  • Anyone who doesn’t need to be seen can be turned away.

  • Patients (some) can be charged for their appointments.

  • Any patient who attends inappropriately has to attend a compulsory ‘self-care awareness’ course.

  • Practices can also see private patients.

  • Email is banned.

  • The phones are turned off.

  • Pointless bureaucracy is scrapped.

  • All ideas have to be tried.

  • Everyone works a full five-day week.

  • Doctors and nurses run the NHS.

  • Patients run the NHS.

  • You can’t be a locum unless you’ve been employed for 10 years.

  • The Health Secretary has to work a week in a practice.

  • All those who work in a CCG, CQC or NHS England have to work a month in a practice.

Be as daft as you like, what would you shake up?


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