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You can be an Influential Practice Manager

A recent poll showed the most influential Practice Managers; something general practice needs more of. They have an expertise that can and needs to be brought to influence for the benefit of Primary Care.

With the right characteristic traits and by developing their skills and knowledge, every manager has the capacity to be influential.

It’s essential to begin with positive behaviours such as projecting confidence, showing respect, being genuine and showing interest in others. Beyond this those with greater knowledge, skills or access to information or resources often have greater influence. It’s harder to achieve but many are already there and by developing these areas many more can be. 

Build Influential Networks for mutual support, learning and to work together for greater impact.

Speak Up and be open and honest with opinions and be ready to have difficult conversations.

Take the Initiative and be proactive, ready to make decisions and take responsibility.

Be a Knowledgeable Expert, stay up to date, informed and the one to go to for information and opinions.

Stay Energised and Focused, influencing an outcome can take time and energy so show commitment.

With a wealth of expertise, it’s time for even more Practice Managers to be influential!


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