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Are you Plugged In?

Updated: Mar 29

A while ago a colleague referred to me as 'plugged in'. I'd never heard it before, and if you haven't either, it was meant as up to date, informed and knowing what's going on. I took it as a compliment and feel if I'm to be successful in what I do then I need to be 'plugged in'.

Being plugged in is knowing what's happening in my practice and beyond, locally and nationally. What's happening at neighbouring practices, who’s recruiting or piloting new services, technology or ways of working. What are our CCG and NHSE planning? What are our primary care and community partners doing and what can we expect from CQC?

Being plugged in comes through asking questions, joining workgroups, attending meetings, reading and networking. Sometimes it means starting groups and conversations or taking the lead. Being prepared to push for information, joining forums and using social media can help.

Being plugged in helps you make better decisions and being informed early can give you a head start. You can see upcoming problems and opportunities and you’ll be seen as knowledgeable, informed and your opinion more likely sought and listened to. You’ll be more ready to lead and more readily followed.

Being plugged in is mostly enjoyable and an incredibly useful thing to be.


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