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Are you Spotting Your Opportunities?

Updated: Mar 29

I've always felt one of my strengths is being able to see opportunities and to quickly assess and seize them. You might think this is what everyone does but in my experience that is not the case, but it is definitely something anyone can do.

If I had to try and describe it here's how:

Horizon scan and be alert - constantly. Is there an opportunity in what you are seeing, hearing, experiencing? Not every opportunity comes with an invitation some have to be spotted. Ask, is it something that will take the practice forward? That might be bringing in income, reducing expenditure or improving efficiency. Whatever it is, could it deliver a benefit?

Evaluate the pros and cons - If you think there might be a benefit look at the pros and cons. This should never take the place of business planning, but it offers a basic evaluation to indicate if there is a case for going further. List the upside's and the downsides and then decide which is greater.

This could be a real quick process or a longer time of reflection, it doesn't matter which. If at the end there looks an opportunity that has more positive benefits that negative then maybe it’s one to pursue further, with more rigorous assessment, to see if it’s an opportunity worth seizing.


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