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Keep Moving Forward in a Crisis

In a crisis, Leaders can be overwhelmed and resort to continually reacting to events. This impacts negatively on the team, kills creativity, and it’s more likely the practice will go backwards than progress.

Doctors hands consoling patient

Even in a crisis there are ways to adapt and improve and it’s important that Leaders do things to keep moving forward:

See all Perspectives and Possibilities

Step back and put emotions aside. Look from all angles and list all of the possibilities you have.

Shorten your Horizon

You may not see the end, but it will come. Look for the best possible immediate outcomes and positive steps you can take.

Include Your Team

Don’t do it on your own, use this opportunity to work with your team and involve others. They know the ins and outs of the practice, they know the services and the patients, so allow them to come up with ideas to move forward.

Be Flexible

Circumstances can change quickly, so keep your plans flexible and be prepared to change quickly if they’re not working.

Ease some Pressure

It’s not all up to you, others might have better ideas and quicker reactions. Empower them to make decisions and implement ideas whilst encourage them to think positively.

As Winson Churchill said, “if you’re going through hell, keep going”...FORWARDS!


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